Victron equipment can be connected with VE.Direct cables where a VE.Direct port is available or via VE.Bus and VE.Can where those ports are available. These are the main connection cables used.

VE.Direct ports are provided on solar chargers, the BMV-712 and SmartShunt battery monitors. VE.Direct cables can be used to connect these devices to a Cerbo GX for monitoring.

VE.Bus cables are used to connect VE.Bus devices, typically MultiPlus and Quattro inverter chargers to the Cerbo and to each other. VE.Can cables are used to connect devices with VE.Can ports such as larger solar chargers, the Lynx SmartBMS, Lynx Shunt and connect to a Cerbo for monitoring.

Standard RJ45 cables can be used for VE.Bus and VE.Can connections. VE.Direct cables are proprietary and Victron cables must be used.

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