DC-DC Converters

Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart series DC-DC converters are Bluetooth enabled for easy programing and monitoring. They can be configured to charge a variety of battery types or be used as a power supply. They have a remote on/off connection for control via engine ignition switching or via a Battery Management System.

The non-isolated type are typically used for RV applications where there is a common ground for all DC users. The non-isolated units have just one ground connection. The isolated versions have two ground connections. When used in an RV the 2 ground connections can be connected to the main system ground.

The Orions can step-up voltage or step-down voltage or be used with 2 batteries at the same voltage. The first number is the input battery voltage the second the output battery voltage. An Orion-Tr 12/24 therefore is a step up DC-DC used with a 12V and 24V battery, the 24V battery would be charged by the Orion via the 12V battery / alternator.

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