Complete Off Grid Power System Installation, Kits and Design Services, Lithium Batteries, Solar Systems, Inverter Chargers. Solutions to Suit Various Budgets and Requirements
Complete Off Grid Power System Installation, Kits and Design Services, Lithium Batteries, Solar Systems and Inverter Chargers
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RV Power System Installation Services

Boundless Power Systems installs mobile power systems for RV's, travel trailers, vans, boats and other mobile applications. Power systems include batteries, solar panels and chargers, inverter chargers to convert battery power into AC power and to charge the batteries and associated control and monitoring systems.

We specialize in Victron Energy products including lithium batteries and MultiPlus inverter chargers. We are also official Renogy and Battle Born installers / dealers.

Visitors are welcome to discuss power system needs or use the Quote Request Form to request an installation estimate.

Installations are done in a custom built 3200sqft building located to the east of Mount Vernon, OH. The building has two installation bays that will accommodate RV's or travel trailers up to 37'6" long and 14ft high. Longer RV's can be worked on in the shop during the day and parked outside at night with the exception of 5th wheels since we do not have the ability to move them once parked in the shop. If in doubt please check with us on potential arrangements.

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Off Grid Power System Design and Kits

If you like to take on installation work yourself, Boundless Power Systems is here to help you get your system properly designed, installed and up and running. If you own a boat, house or other fixed structure or are just too far away from our shop to travel for an installation we offer engineered kits which include the main components plus detailed schematic that provides wire sizes, breaker ratings and all necessary software settings so that you can get your system installed and up and running safely and reliably on day one.

Detailed schematics are customized to suit your installation and we will of course provide email and phone support as required to get everything up and running.

Typical applications where this service may be a better fit than having Boundless do the installation: -

  • Boats including house boats
  • Residential or farm backup systems with solar and batteries, we can engineer and supply components for small off grid building power systems through full whole house backup with integration to the grid and local generator as needed.
  • RV and other mobile installations where it is not economical to travel to Boundless for an installation

As with our in shop installations we include best in class components from Victron Energy, Battle Born and Renogy.

To request a quote for a DIY installation, select "DIY" at the bottom of the Quote Request Form in the "Installation" field.

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Equipment Demonstration Display

There is an operating power system installation in the lobby that features the main components in a typical mobile power system. The display provides an overview and familiarization of the main system components which can be useful for customers unsure of what system they need for their RV or travel trailer. A live demonstration of the functionality of Victron Energy's VRM can also be provided.

Stop by to discuss your future RV or travel trailer power system needs. We will be glad to walk you through the options and relative cost.

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Contact and Location

  • Boundless Power Systems
  • 19825 Coschocton Road,
  • Mount Vernon,
  • OH, 43050
  • (740) 485-4718

Note: -
If you have a long rig, it is recommended that you enter the site while heading east bound on RT36 (out of Mount Vernon).

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