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Owner – Ian Skelhorne

I have an extensive background in Mechanical Engineering and I have been working in that field for more than 25 years within the gas turbine packaging field. In that time I have led several large gas turbine installation projects for well-known oil and gas customers, led successful large scope business R&D programs to develop new products for the company and as my career progressed have held various leadership roles within the engineering team in Mt Vernon, Ohio most recently as Head of Mechanical Design for the R&D team.

In early 2018 it was decided by my employer that the site in Ohio would be closed. Manufacturing had been steadily moved to Europe over the previous 2 years and site closure was a natural progression. My wife and I (also an engineer and also working at the company) were both offered relocation to another company site but chose to decline.

It was time for something different.

Owner - Ian Skelhorne

Gas turbine packaging is the area of engineering that focusses on integration of a gas turbine (think aircraft engine) into a “package” comprising a support structure, lubrication and fuel systems, control systems and noise control systems to form an integrated power unit that will deliver shaft horsepower as a standalone unit or coupled to a gas compressor or AC generator. Gas turbine packages are used by customers to provide gas transmission or power generation to meet project needs. This industry requires a strong focus on safety, creative integration of solutions to minimize initial, operating and service cost whilst minimizing footprint, weight and installation cycle time in the field.

The Next Chapter

With the decision made to leave the company, there was a need for a “Plan B”.

Enter Boundless Power Systems.

First, a little more background. As a family we are active campers and travelers in our Airstream travel trailer and thoroughly enjoy the freedom and ability to explore that this lifestyle presents. As we travelled and lived in the Airstream I was constantly thinking about improvements that could be made particularly with regard to being able to live in the Airstream independently of a permanent power supply.

Various upgrades were made to the Airstream over a 3 year period starting out with upgraded lead acid batteries, a larger inverter and solar to form the basis of a good basic “off grid” system. The next step was to add a much larger lithium battery which enabled the air conditioner and other large loads to be run from the battery for short periods if needed.

The time designing and building the systems was some of the most enjoyable time spent over the last several years and re-kindled my passion for the design and build process combined with our passion for camping and traveling in our Airstream. A perfect recipe.

Turning passion x2 into a business – Plan B

As the various upgrades were designed and built the idea for Boundless Power Systems began to be take shape. As many career guru’s suggest, the best way to be fully engaged and satisfied in your job is to have a strong passion for what you are doing. That is certainly the case here with the combination of two passions. Some preliminary planning and thoughts about the business were hashed and re-hashed over a 12 month period and were put into top gear with the announcement of the closure of the company. “Plan B” was formalized.

Boundless Power Systems was formally established in Ohio in early 2018 and a new building was constructed to house the business towards the end of the summer of 2018. Product concepts were engineered, developed, prototyped and then redesigned to improve functionality and ease of installation and a limited portfolio of products was launched for internet sales in early 2020.

At Boundless we sincerely hope you will have as much excitement and pleasure installing and more importantly using our products as we do designing and building them.

Happy Camping!

Why Boundless?

Integration of High Quality Components

We carefully and thoughtfully integrate all components in our system so that they work flawlessly together. We primarily use Victron Energy products due to their quality, reliability and advanced feature set. The Victron Energy warranty is also a market leading 5 years for most items. Where we see a need or gap in the market, we develop solutions to fill the need such as the Power Control Panel that is designed and assembled in house and ensures the time (and cost) to install even complex systems is reduced which saves the customer money overall on an installation.

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System Design and Installation by People Like You

We are avid campers and travelers (as time permits!) and as such we understand what makes a camping trip better and more comfortable. We will continue to provide installation services and bring products to market that make this a reality. If you have suggestions for improvements or options for our products to make you camping experience better let us know. We are always interested in hearing what our customer are thinking. Contact page.

Installation Facilities

Dual Installation Bays

Installations are completed in a custom built 3200sqft building located in Mount Vernon OH. The building has two installation bays that will accommodate RV's or travel trailers up to approx 38ft long and 14ft high.

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Equipment Demonstration Display

There is an operating power system installation in the lobby that features the main components in a typical mobile power system. The display provides an overview and familiarization of the main system components which can be useful for customers unsure of what system they need for their RV or travel trailer. A live demonstration of the functionality of Victron Energy's VRM can also be provided.

Stop by to discuss your future RV or travel trailer power system needs. We will be glad to walk you through the options and relative cost.

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